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All Soniclean detergents are tested and validated to work effectively and efficiently with our Soniclean machines to meet AS 2773 and AS 4187. They are TGA approved: TGA certificate for Soniclean Detergent (PDF), ARTG 141350.

Soniclean offers the following range of detergents.

Sonic 1

Versatile, biodegradable water based hospital grade medical and surgical instrument alkaline detergent concentrate, formulated and validated specifically for use with Soniclean machines.

Minimal odour and non-corrosive to stainless steel, aluminium, brass, other non-ferrous castings, glass and plastics; non-flammable, non-toxic; adheres anti-oxidising coating to minimise rusting in ferrous substrate.

SDS: Safety Data Sheet - Sonic 1 - English (PDF, 130 KB)


Soniclean Ultrasonic Detergent Concentrate

Non-perfumed, mildly alkaline, non-foaming detergent concentrate, formulated for use with Soniclean machines. Free rinsing and incorporates enhanced corrosion inhibitors. Field trials have produced excellent results in relation to use with dissimilar metals as well as plastics and rubber.

This detergent finds application in areas such as Dental Clinics and Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, optical lens manufacture, jewellery cleaning and other industries with specific cleaning.

SDS: Safety Data Sheet - Soniclean Detergent Concentrate - English (PDF, 101 KB)


Sonic 2A

A detergent intended for industrial and automotive use. It is a multi-purpose and water based heavy duty degreaser/detergent, specifically formulated to rapidly remove heavy deposits of grease, fat, protein, dirt and oil from ferrous metals. Material compatibility should always be confirmed via testing with specific contaminants under specific cleaning conditions. Minor discoloration may occur under certain conditions.

SDS: Safety Data Sheet - Sonic 2A - English (PDF, 109 KB)



The ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative Pulse Swept Power® technology and include many other processing and safety features.

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