WFHSS 14th World Sterilization Congress, 8th National Sterilization Disinfection Congress of Turkey

After a wonderful introduction to cultural sights and attractions of Istanbul and Antalya, Susan and WahTong of Soniclean attended the WFHSS 14th World Sterilization Congress and 8th National Sterilization Disinfection Congress of Turkey. The purpose of this trip was to meet with industry leaders in critical cleaning and infection control, to network, learn and discuss the growing ways to validate and improve measures in many available and emerging technologies, as well as practices to assist hospitals, health care and other individuals to lead the way with the safest and most effective methods of infection control. This periodical event is held in a different country every year, which promotes ethical and worldwide outreach opportunities for critical cleaning, concerned individuals, and their businesses to gather and be informed on best practice.

One of Soniclean's most stringent concerns, includes developing evidence based strategies and results for decontamination (cleaning) and infection control. It is highly evident that sterilisation alone is not sufficient in infection control, and that alternative pre-sterilisation ultrasonic cleaning processes, significantly reduce the likelihood of harm to patients and staff.

Performers on stage at Susesi Convention Center

Beyoglu | Istanbul


Belek | Antalya