National Manufacturing Week

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7-10 May 2013 - Stand: 2108-08

Soniclean is Australia's leading supplier and exporter of high quality ultrasonic cleaners and equipment world-wide. The Clean Tech, Industrial, Manufacturing and Food and Beverage Markets are major users of Soniclean products. Soniclean ultrasonic cleaners are faster, safer, environmentally friendly and clean better than other conventional cleaning methods. Our machines are used in many industrial processing applications such as cleaning Inline Filters in Flow Lines, Mechanical parts in the Aviation and Defence Industries, Crucibles in the Mining industry and in a whole range of other manufacturing industries including the Food and Beverage industry. All Soniclean products are environmentally friendly and safe to use, no nasty chemicals only water and biodegradable detergent used as well as being very energy efficient. The ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative Pulse Swept Power™ technology and include many other processing and safety features. In addition to selling machines Soniclean also offers cleaning services to customers, no job too big or small, send us the parts and we will return them sparkling clean. We also sell to the Health Care market which is a Massive Market Worldwide “Every Surgical Unit in Every Hospital in the world needs Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines to clean and Sterilise their Surgical Instruments” Soniclean machines are built to the relevant AS/NZ and International standards including ISO 9001:2008 and are CE compliant and registered with TGA Australia. Soniclean Pty Ltd was registered in April 1992 and before that trading as Transtek Pty Ltd therefore has over twenty years of experience in Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology.

The exhibition is free to enter, so come and see what Soniclean's industrial ultrasonics can do for you (download your Soniclean invitation).

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  • SONICLEAN Bench Top Cleaners
  • SONICLEAN Immersible Transducers
  • SONICLEAN Ultrasonic Washer
  • SONICLEAN Ultrasonic Irrigator
  • SONICLEAN Ultrasonic Performance Meter
Opening Times

Tuesday  7 May 2013  10am – 6pm
Wednesday  8 May 2013  10am – 6pm
Thursday  9 May 2013  10am – 8pm
Friday  10 May 2013  10am – 4pm