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Our experienced and dedicated team of service professionals are trained to undertake all service work on Soniclean ultrasonic cleaning products. We can offer a full range of service packages from comprehensive service contracts, to periodic validation, calibration through to one-off maintenance, and repairs.

Please contact Soniclean for a free quotation for any of the customer services detailed below:

Product Validation / Calibration

Soniclean offers re-validation and calibration services to all Soniclean products. Should you or your organisation require periodic validation / calibration please contact us for a quotation. Your equipment will be re-validated and calibrated and you will be issued with a certificate of conformance.

We recommend re-validation and calibration of Soniclean equipment is performed on an annual basis to ensure your machine continues to meet our original specifications.

Servicing and Repair

Soniclean offers 12 month service contracts for planned preventative maintenance to ensure the equipment is performing at its peak. Should your equipment require any repairs, Soniclean will provide a free quotation for the repair; please contact Soniclean with your model number, serial number and any information you can provide about the problem. If Soniclean requests that the unit be returned for repair or you wish for your machine to be evaluated; The Customer Return Advice Form will need to be completed and shipped with the unit.

Soniclean offers a quick response for the quotation for your approval and the repair turn around time. The repairs are fully guaranteed for 3 months.

Soniclean currently offers the following preventative maintenance and service options: 

Service A:
Single service at the conclusion of our twelve (12) month maintenance contract. The machine is to be returned to Soniclean for a full overhaul and complete service for Soniclean Ultrasonic Irrigators and Washers.
Service B:
Two services with the first service within six (6) months from commenced date of our twelve (12) month maintenance contract. For second (2nd) service at the conclusion of our contract, the machine is to be returned to Soniclean for a full overhaul and service for Soniclean Ultrasonic Irrigator machines and Washer machines.
Service C:
Re-calibration for Soniclean bench-top ultrasonic cleaners and Ultrasonic Performance Meters (UPM).

Contract Cleaning

Soniclean offers contract cleaning services for your parts or components that you require to be cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning is very effective and gets into those crevices not accessible by hand cleaning. You will be pleasantly surprised how cost effective this cleaning service is.

In order for us to provide an efficient process for your sales enquiry, please fill out our Cleaning Details Form and send it to us via: fax, email or post.

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The ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative Pulse Swept Power® technology and include many other processing and safety features.

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