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This sample of satisfied customers are from a diverse range of industries, including the medical, electronics, food and beverage, health care, heavy industrial, jewellery and veterinary industries.


Suncoastdental is a busy 5 Surgery Practice with central sterilising room, and the new Soniclean unit fulfils our needs admirably. It is quiet, efficient and cleans instruments to the highest standards.


We are all very pleased with our new Soniclean ultrasonic. Not only does it take half the time to clean our instruments but it prevents loose wire from getting caught in our statim. The machine is absolutely fantastic; I don't know how we survived without it.

Natalie, Orthodontic assistant

Ultrasonic cleaning is the gold standard for cleaning dental instruments ... The [Soniclean] unit has given us trouble free service over the past three years, is a convenience for our staff and without it, it would not have been so easy to achieve AMADA certification for infection control within our practices. ... You have an excellent product.

Dr V (Periodontist)

I have been using the Soniclean [cleaner] for the last 4 to 5 years as part of my infection control [procedure] and found the machine to be very reliable, effective and good. ... I recommend it to any one who is contemplating on purchasing one.

Dr L (Dental surgeon)

I have been using the Soniclean 160T for over two years. It has been put through about 20 working cycles per day. Cleaning efficiency and reliability were excellent. ... I think it is one of the most advanced products of its class.

Dr N (Dental surgeon)

I have been using a Soniclean in my surgery for the past eighteen months. ,,, it has made the assistants' cleaning tasks far easier and quicker. It also lengthens the life of many instruments ... I heartily recomment its use in any practice.

Dr A (Dental surgeon)


The Soniclean works wonderfully. Nothing else comes remotely close.


Electronic Professionals

Since discovering the Soniclean ultrasonic cleanier we have used it to remove and clean the soldering flux from all printed circuit boards we load. We have found the Soniclean in combination with Electrolube "safewash" ideal for the removal fof both liquid flux and resin core solder fluxes.

Michael, Weapon Systems Division, DSTO

[The] Soniclean Model 2000T ... operates in a swept model between 45 kHz and 50 kHz and is pulsed at 22 Hz. We have carried out several series of proving trials using various cleaning fluids and different time frames with differing types of PCB's and components. The results of these trials were checked for functionality ... with a resulting 100% pass rate.

Trevor Edwards, Production Technician, Cochlear

I am glad to report the cleaner turned up this morning and is now busy with it's first batch of pcbs - It does a nice job. The safewash has filled the place with a carpet cleaner smell but it is way better than the solvent we used to use.


Food And Beverage Professionals

We have been using the Soniclean 160HT ultrasonic cleaner for reel servicing for the last 3 years and found it does an excellent job of taking dirt and grease off in preparation for service or repair. This is done with the minimal use of harsh chemical and we thoroughly recommend these cleaners.

Steve Chambers, fishing industry

Health-care Professionals

No need for a trade-in. This is one of the best units I have every used. If I ever need to consider purchasing another, then I would buy a Soniclean.

Steve, 3M Health Care

After purchasing Soniclean Ultrasonics for our dental practices 7 years ago and finding they are very reliable and have been maintenance free, we were happy to purchased two more for an upgrade of our Sydney practices. The sales team have been very helpful and professional.

Carol, Sterilising Adviser


Those involved in purchasing another unit from Soniclean were appreciative of being involved in the designing of the unit. With an expected increase in orthopaedic surgery and thus workload there was a need to reduce OH & S risk and with the incorporation of a lifter this increased overall efficiency.

Sue, Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia

There was a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of the instruments ... The surgeons thought they had been supplied with new instruments.

Trisha, Esperance Hospital, Western Australia

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We have sold over 100 Soniclean machines Australia wide and have sold 100 machines in the USA, we have just ordered another 150 machines for the USA due to their reliability and efficiency. Soniclean's backup and service is excellent and they can make an Ultrasonic to match your power needs depending on which country.

Jason, Cartridge World Supplies

We are extremely happy with our 750T Ultrasonic cleaner, which is still working well after using it for two years. We use the solvent trichloroethylene in it to dissolve bitumen adhering to our test equipment and it does a great job. We just have to wipe the items over with a clean dry rag when we reomve them from the bath after only a few minutes of treatment.

Trevor, Transport South Australia

The unseen advantage of ultrasonics is that it removes microscopic surface occlusions that may not be removed by conventional cleaning. The upside of this is that engine parts such as pistons, blocks, cranks, heads etc lose the microscopic casting particles that are not dislodged by conventional cleaning and this eliminates failures caused by contamination.

Graeme (Mechanic)

We use the ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning mineral and crystal samples. When the specimens are on display they pick up fine dust and grit from the air and tend to lose their lustre and become dull in appearance, this is most unwelcome to our museum. Because of the tiny crevices and fragile nature of the more crystallised specimens, mechanical cleaning with brushes and detergents is not always possible or desirable. We clean these specimens with the Soniclean ultrasonic bath, using water with just a drop or two of detergent and we have had excellent results. The timer is also a good feature as the machine does not need to be constantly attended.

Don McColl, Museum North Western Queensland

Soniclean staff were most willing to go out of their way to meet our needs when designing our units, the ultrasonics long life is testimony to this.

Chris Harious, Managing Director, Nu Contacts Laboratories

I have been using a Soniclean 120T for the past twelve months for the cleaning of used brass cases for reloading of my target bullets. In the past I have cleaned these [brass target bullet cases] by hand and the time it took to laboriously clean 100 cases was about 6 hours. With the Soniclean 120T I now clean 200 cases in about 60-80 minutes ... the cases are cleaned inside and out to perfection and ... the brass cases are polished to a satisfactory shine on the outside.

Hassan Salleh, Secretary of the Eastern Amateur Pistol Club

The Soniclean [unit] works WONDERFULLY. Nothing else comes remotely close. All the other record cleaners simply apply a fluid and then vacuum off the liquid. Having used them ... before, I can assure you that the Soniclean blows them out of the water. As far as I am concerned any other system is grossly inferior.

Dr I. Rivlin, Designated Medical Examiner, Civil Aviation Authority

I ... ran the ultrasonic cleaner yesterday afternoon and my initial results I consider to be near enough to spectacular. I rinsed the cases off with clean water, blew compressed air over and through the cases and left them overnight and when I checked this morning there was no sign of any discolouring. And the beaker arrangement I found to be so easy to restrict the contaminated cleaning liquid to the beakers.


We (Bureau Veritas Geoanalytical, WA Operation) have been using the Soniclean Model CM-900TD (custom made) since 2009. We have found that the Soniclean water bath can clearly improve the digestion efficiency. The Soniclean also provides very friendly after-sale technical support.

Zong, Bureau Veritas Geoanalytical

The company has introduced Soniclean ultrasonic bath into our workshop. This type of cleaning method has helped us create greater QA methods for cleaning fire safety parts, ensuring that the equipment will operate in the time of an emergency. It also has helped us meet standards as required by the Department of Defence.

Nick, Fire System Services Pty Ltd


The cleaner has saved a lot of time and money in keeping our jewellery in a very polished and clean appearance ... We have now had the same ultra sound for over two years and have had no problem with it at all it works just as good as the first time we used it.

Sophia Provatidis, Managing Director, Majestic Opals

Laboratory users

Platinum crucibles used to fuse titaniferous material are cleaned in the Soniclean in 10-15 minutes in citric acid solution, previously they were soaked for 20 minutes in boiling 50% hydrochloric acid. Soiled inconel mould holders from our fusing machine are cleaned by the Soniclean in 10 minutes in citric acid solution, previously they were cleaned for 30 minutes in boiling citric acid. The Soniclean significantly improves our efficiency in platinumware cleaning. The ability to clean all of our platinumware in citric acid solution rather than hydrochloric acid, is an added bonus both with respect to safety and to the destructive effects of the hydrochloric acid fumes.

Mr. Scanlan, RGC Mineral Sands Ltd

We have been using the Soniclean, Model 120T, for the last four years. During that time it has been used almost continuously for varied applications often requiring a very high degree of effective cleaning ... We also use the cleaner for removing oil residue and other contaminants from copper electrodes ... Congratulations again on an excellent and most reliable device.

Peter Davis, Managing Director, Norseld Pty Ltd

The ultrasonic is an excellent method of cleaning as it reaches all areas of the product, not just those easily visible or accessible by hand.

Peter Ingman, Managing Director, Austofix


I can't believe I put off purchasing a Soniclean Ultrasound for so long. It has more than paid for itself in reduction of staff time costs and made a tedious task safer and more pleasant.

Ms K (Podiatrist)

I am most happy with the 250T Soniclean Ultrasonic Cleaner ... The results have been fantastic. The instruments are moving more freely and this will increase the lifespan of the instruments in our clinics.

Mr W (Podiatrist)


We have been using the Soniclean ultrasonic cleaner on all of our surgical and dental instruments. Since using the ultrasonic cleaner our instruments have never looked so clean. It is so easy to use and it saves us time as we are no longer standing at the sink hand scrubbing the instruments. The ultrasonic cleaner does all the hard work for us enabling us to do other duties at the same time.

Kerry (VN/AVN)

I have found the Soniclean ultrasonic cleaner to be easy to use and that it enables us to do other duties instead of spending a large amount of time scrubbing the instruments. When we have taken the instruments out of the cleaner we have noticed an improvement in their condition eg: they are a lot cleaner and they are easier to open and close. We would not be able to get this result with manually scrubbing them.

Leah (VN)


The ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative Pulse Swept Power® technology and include many other processing and safety features.

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