Validation and Testing

How to Test and Validate your Soniclean Ultrasonic Machine

Users can apply one of two methods to ensure their ultrasonic cleaner is producing uniform results:

    * Using Soniclean's Ultrasonic Performance Meter - currently surpassing AS2773-2

    * The Aluminium foil test - AS2773-2: 

Foil Test - Version 1

Foil Test - Version 2

Setting up a Validation and Test, should only take a few minutes of your time, and about ten (10) seconds of real-time testing. Following our instructional methods, you will be able to determine if your machine is working precisely as it has been designed to.

Once you are able to: test, receive results, and record the variables - it is highly recommended to contact us to create Preventative Service and Maintenance contract(s), so that your machine or devices can be serviced for optimisation, priority support, software or part upgrades and other future proofing, in the care of our technicians and support staff.  This is vital for those who plan or utilise their machines regularly and frequently. We aim to provide the assurance to give you confidence that your concerns and ultrasonic cleaning and processing needs are taken care of.

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The ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative Pulse Swept Power® technology and include many other processing and safety features.

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